Sarah Astle Opal Cafe Owner (Castro Street)
David Avny Central Avenue Housing Provider
Don Bahl Bahl Homes (San Antonio)
D. J. Bahl Bahl Homes (San Antonio)
Ty Bash El Camino Real Housing Builder  
Janet Belton Financial Investment Professional
Nagi Chami Tri-State Enterprises Owner (Leghorn), Local Artist
Robert Chang Farmers Insurance (Castro Street)
Pete Cheung Sushi 88 Owner (San Antonio)
Amy Chu Mountain View Housing Provider
Curtis Conroy Murlagan Avenue Housing Provider
Stuart Eichert Mountain View Software Professional
Dave Fawcett Co-owner Ludwig and Fawcett Insurance
Steve Gazzera El Camino Real Housing Provider 
John and Cathy Kellen A-l Foreign Owners (El Camino Real)
James Jones View Street Housing Provider
Frank Kalcic Sunset Estates Housing Provider (Sylvan Avenue) 
Mike Laursen Mountain View Software Professional                               
Jerry and Pauline King El Camino Real Business Property Owners 
Elizabeth Lindsey Del Medio Housing Provider
Tom Means Former Councilmember and Mayor, Economics Professor
Betty Moore El Camino Real Business Property Owner
Matt Pear Former Councilmember, Mayor, Chamber of Commerce Director
Art Takahara Former Councilmember and Mayor, Business Owner and CEO
Dan Waylonis Mountain View Software Professional
Bob Weaver Former Environmental Planning Commissioner
Jenny Zhou Mountain View Housing Provider